Private spanish lessons

Skype or Google Hangouts

The aim of the individual classes is to solve specific learning situations. For example:

  • You need to write several emails to a customer and don’t know exactly how to write them.
  • You want to learn and be fluent in Spanish verbs tenses.
  • You have to write a research paper in Spanish language at College and you need to correct it.
  • You want to translate to Spanish several post from your blog, etc.

For this reason, when you book a class I ask you to tell me the particular issue that you want to work on. If you haven’t any specific question but you need to practice your Spanish, I will send you an email with an outline of the class.

Before and after each class you will have to do homework: reading texts, exercises, watching a video, listening to an audio … During the class we will review this work. The aim is to use 100% our time!

  • The lessons are customized to your learning needs.
  • Throughout the lessons we used documents and videos to improve the learning.
  • We help you to prepare the written tests of DELE Certificate.
  • We write and proofread texts during class.
  • We offer lessons with specific objectives: Spanish business, traveling, cooking, sports … You choose the topic.
  • If you have to write any text in Spanish, from an email to a business report, we can correct it together during class.

    Reserva ahora:

    Clases de 25 minutos
    1 clase 8,90 euros por clase
    3 clases 7,90 euros por clase (23,70 euros las tres clases)
    Clases de 50 minutos
    1 clase 16,90 euros por clase
    3 clases 15,90 euros por clase (47,70 euros las tres clases)

    How to purchase and booking the first class? It’s very easy!:

    1. Payment for classes is via PayPal, a safe and secure way to pay via debit or credit card or bank transfer.
    2. To book the first class please complete the contact form below. On the contact form, please, write the best day and time for your first class (2 or 3 options) and your country to know your time zone. Also, the specific issue you would like to work.

    You can cancel or change the class 24 hours in advance sending an email to

    1. And you are done! You are ready to be a master with Spanish language.


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