Course: Spanish for a weekend

Essential Spanish: Learn all the Spanish you need to enjoy a short trip to Spain (or Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, in Cuba…)

What you’re going to get with this course:

  • You will pronounce Spanish correctly, knowing the alphabet and phonetics
  • You will speak real Spanish, as it is spoken in Spain
  • You will construct sentences using Present tense (simple, continous and perfect)
  • You will know a useful vocabulary: 50 most common words, the most important prepositions, articles and pronouns, and more than 500 nouns and adjectives
  • You will be able to have fluent conversations everywhere: in transport, hotels, airports, shops, bars and restaurants…
  • You will write emails with accuracy



  1. Alphabet and pronunciation of vowels and consonants
  2. First sentences in Spanish. We spoke from the first day
  3. Spanish you already know. You already speak Spanish and you don’t know it
  4. Questions in Spanish. How does it go? Where are you? How much is it worth?
  5. Eat and drink
  6. Shopping
  7. The verb in the present tense (simple, continuous and perfect)
  8. Ser y Estar. Two very special verbs
  9. Body parts
  10. Prepositions and how to use them
  11. 50 very important phrases (with vocabulary changes)
  12. 4 essential emails we must learn to write
  13. Essential words you need to know
  14. Reading: posters, advertisements, offers, short texts

BONUS: 1 month membership in La Comunidad de Escribe en Español

PREMIUM: 2 conversation classes (45′)

PREMIUM: 4 proofread and annotated email texts

How are we going to get there?:

  • Listening: Our own audios and videos in which we put into practice everything we have learned in the course. These audios are followed by their transcriptions. We will also link to several podcasts and videos from youtube
  • Reading: Easy texts written by Escribe en español teachers. Also, texts taken from different sources: newspapers, magazines, blogs, advertisements. And, of course, the texts which explain each of the lessons in the syllabus
  • Writing. Short and essential texts: book a hotel, ask for a price or make a complaint. Always corrected texts. If you enroll in the Premium Course, the teachers will individually correct the texts you have written and send you the pertinent corrections and tips
  • Speaking. If you have signed up for the Premium Course you will have 2 conversation classes, 45 minutes each, via Skype or Google Hangouts.

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