Learn to write in Spanish

Learn to write in Spanish in weeks instead of years.


Learn to write in Spanish in a fluent and correct way

My name is Miguel Herranz and with all the teachers and partners from Escribe en Español we help you to write and speak in Spanish in a short time. Our main interest is teaching to write in Spanish in a fluent and correct way.

Our goal: we want you communicate in Spanish quickly.

Why is important to write when learning a language?

First advantage is the slowness of the process. Writing is speaking in slow motion: you have more time to think about the words to use.

In addition, when you write you can look up the words you don’t know and check how to say things correctly. Writing is the best way to know new words and put them in context.

Writing is closely related to the process of reading. The essential goal in learning a language is to speak it and understand it when it’s spoken by others. But reading and writing are essential habits for mastering grammar, building vocabulary, and using the language with accuracy and confidence.

We believe in learning by doing.
Read and write in Spanish from day one

We teach you how to write in Spanish. Most of our courses and exercises are focused on teaching you to write in Spanish.

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Short specialized courses, Books and Learning pills. Fast and practical learning for only €4.90 each course. Also, Ebooks on specific topics on grammar, vocabulary, culture and everyday Spanish

Short Courses:

  • 25 English-Spanish translation exercises, annotated
  • Verbs in use
  • Spanish Adverbs